Pre-planning A Funeral


No One Thinks Twice...

About buying health, life, or auto insurance; it's protection for emergencies. So is preplanning a funeral. Those who plan have the luxury of time and a clear head, unclouded by the trauma of death. It provides you with peace of mind on TWO levels: The family won't be forced to make tough decisions at a difficult time, and Your wishes will be honored. 

Our preneed policies can be financed up to 7 years, so payments are affordable. And unlike a life insurance policy, once you've paid a preneed in full, no further payments are needed!


Why Pre-arrange A Funeral?

A prearranged funeral allows a family the choice of how a life will be remembered. It also spares grieving family this emotional & financial decision process at a difficult time. With business taken care of in advance, loved ones can celebrate life and mourn death without the burden of planning & paying for a funeral.

In addition, there is a financial benefit: A funeral can be paid at today's prices knowing the money has been put aside for this specific purpose.

Most preneed policies are transferable to any reputable funeral home anywhere. If you have a preneed policy purchased somewhere else, Boyer Funeral Home can, in most cases, honor it.

What Can You Expect When You Meet With A Representative from Boyer Funeral Home?

A licensed preneed counselor can meet with you at your residence or at the funeral home. You discuss what is important to you and learn what your options are. A legally-required statement of goods & services will be presented to show the various products & services available. At the end of the meeting, if you decide to purchase the preneed policy, the counselor will review your choices with you and then arrive at a cost using today's prices. Once in effect, the policy will grow as time progresses so that the funds are there to cover your choices when you pass away.